Unlock My Mind

By Linda Bembridge | Apr 14, 2021

Hi Everyone, I hope we are all staying safe and well in these difficult times. Here in England we are enjoying the lifting of some restrictions after such a long and difficult winter. I ventured out for a walk along my local high street yesterday just to see what was going on and found myself […]

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From A Simple Curve

By Linda Bembridge | Mar 16, 2021

Hi Everyone, It really does feel like the worst of the British winter is behind us now, the days are longer and many of my spring bulbs are flowering their hats off; daffodils might not be particularly stylish but a good display can’t fail to lift the spirits. The days are getting so much longer […]

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A Personal Project Restart

By Linda Bembridge | Feb 17, 2021

Hi Everyone, Well we are still in the midst of a hard UK-wide lockdown. This time with a (hopefully) bright light on the horizon which makes such a difference. Many of my friends and relatives have been vaccinated and that’s something to be incredibly thankful for. Such a long way to go but the path […]

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The Acetate Story Continues

By Linda Bembridge | Jan 17, 2021

Hi Everyone, We are deep into winter here in the UK with short days, cold and miserable weather and precious little sunshine. Being in another hard Lockdown isn’t helping either. The first UK lockdown began on the 23rd of March 2020, exactly 300 days ago…  It’s hard to imagine what life was like before that […]

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The Acetate Edition

By Linda Bembridge | Dec 6, 2020

Hi Everyone, well winter is certainly in full swing here in the UK… very chilly, dull and grey all of a sudden despite many of my spring bulbs growing away happily in my garden. Mother Nature will need to sort out the timing issue… Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting to grips with a […]

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The Shadow Glows

By Linda Bembridge | Nov 15, 2020

Hi Everyone, It feels like ages since I published my last ramblings but it’s only been a few weeks. My last couple of blogs were created from a very small corner of my spare bedroom, happily those days are behind me and I now have a lovely new space to play in. It’s only been […]

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Embellishments and The Scratch

By Linda Bembridge | Oct 14, 2020

Hi Everyone, I haven’t written a blog for a while… I said in my last note that I was working from a very small corner of my spare bedroom, well this blog comes from there too. My new working space is starting to take shape but it’s taking quite a bit longer than I thought […]

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Bling, and an Unexpected Bonus

By Linda Bembridge | Sep 23, 2020

Hello Everyone, I hope we are all keeping safe and well. We are just going into another mini-lockdown here in the UK which isn’t great, particularly as it looks as if it’s likely to last for 6 months minimum. I am so thankful that I have my photography to keep me busy and entertained as […]

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Treasures, Metal and Spoken Words

By Linda Bembridge | Sep 1, 2020

Hi Everyone, I hope we are all staying safe and well where ever you are in the world. Here in the UK the new normal is changing every day which is making life very difficult to plan with any certainty. I have adopted the philosophy of hoping and planning for the best but expecting the […]

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