Keeping The Faith

By Linda Bembridge | Oct 27, 2021

Hi Everyone, I hope we are all staying safe and well. Autumn is well underway here in the South of England although there is very little colour in the trees still, let’s hope when the colour does arrive it’s spectacular even if short-lived. Lots going on here to keep me busy as the nights draw […]

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Healing Reservoir

By Linda Bembridge | Sep 29, 2021

Hi Everyone, I am convinced I have nothing to write about when the time comes. I could always do more but I have found time to do something, maybe I should stop agonising. As long as I enjoy what I do get done that’s the big box ticked. Summer is definitely receding fast here in […]

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By Linda Bembridge | Aug 23, 2021

Yet again, the days / weeks are spinning by… there are definite signs that we are nearing the end of summer, morning walks with my little Sparkle take us past bushes laden with ripe blackberries so we slow down to enjoy an early pre-breakfast most days; simple pleasures… Such a busy time here since I […]

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The Drug of Creativity

By Linda Bembridge | Jul 9, 2021

Hi Everyone, Well yet again, it feels like an eternity since I last sat down at the computer to write a few words. My life has been turned upside down by my 4-legged friend. I honestly had no idea what to expect when this lively little puppy entered my home and it really has been […]

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The Echo Chamber

By Linda Bembridge | Jun 7, 2021

Hi Everyone, It feels like an eternity since the last blog but it’s not too long, so much has happened!  We finally have some decent weather here in the Chiltern Hills so it’s been nice to spend time outside without being freezing cold. A couple of days ago it was actually just a little too […]

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Prisoners Of Our Psychology

By Linda Bembridge | May 11, 2021

Hi Everyone… Where have the last few weeks gone?  I know some of it at least has been spent creating new embellished prints as well as playing with my scanner. Pulling together words for the ‘Unlock My Mind‘ series opened up so many different avenues so I’ve continued to explore some of these concepts in a […]

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Unlock My Mind

By Linda Bembridge | Apr 14, 2021

Hi Everyone, I hope we are all staying safe and well in these difficult times. Here in England we are enjoying the lifting of some restrictions after such a long and difficult winter. I ventured out for a walk along my local high street yesterday just to see what was going on and found myself […]

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From A Simple Curve

By Linda Bembridge | Mar 16, 2021

Hi Everyone, It really does feel like the worst of the British winter is behind us now, the days are longer and many of my spring bulbs are flowering their hats off; daffodils might not be particularly stylish but a good display can’t fail to lift the spirits. The days are getting so much longer […]

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A Personal Project Restart

By Linda Bembridge | Feb 17, 2021

Hi Everyone, Well we are still in the midst of a hard UK-wide lockdown. This time with a (hopefully) bright light on the horizon which makes such a difference. Many of my friends and relatives have been vaccinated and that’s something to be incredibly thankful for. Such a long way to go but the path […]

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