A Busy Month

By Linda Bembridge | Jul 31, 2020

Hi Everyone, Since starting to write these blogs and taking up precious space in your inbox I have tried to focus each one onto a particular topic. This month however I have moved lots of things forward and have been as busy as ever but I haven’t actually finished anything!  Shame on me…  I did […]

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Forest of Iron Lines

By Linda Bembridge | Jul 6, 2020

Hi Everyone,  I feel the need to start with something more imaginative than ‘I hope everyone is staying safe and well’ but that short sentence really says it all so… Time continues to spin by, we have passed the longest day here in the UK now and the evenings will start to draw in fairly […]

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Moons – The Book

By Linda Bembridge | Jun 18, 2020

Hi Everyone, I am really excited to share this post with you all. I have taken one of my recent projects and made a book to present some of the images in a different, hopefully more creative way. I have always felt that a digital image is never finished until you can feel it or […]

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Moons Beyond the Edge of Possibility

By Linda Bembridge | Jun 5, 2020

Hi Everyone, I hope we are all staying safe and well. As the Lockdown in the UK starts to ease I am coming to the end of the courses I signed up to while confined to barracks. I certainly feel that I have made the most of the opportunity to reset after coming to what’s […]

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Electric Arc of Saturation

By Linda Bembridge | May 22, 2020

Hi Everyone, I hope we are all staying safe and keeping well. I am continuing to make very good of online courses and I have 2 to speak a little about, one in this blog and another which I had intended to add here but now realise that it deserves a blog of its own […]

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Windows From Walls

By Linda Bembridge | May 13, 2020

I am making very good use of the fact that there are some very good photography courses available online at the moment. I have signed up for a few and am having a great time. I feel stretched in many different ways and it has made me appreciate the need to set projects, goals and […]

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Finding Joy in a Tea Strainer

By Linda Bembridge | May 6, 2020

I want to use this Post to tell you a bit about a Course that I have taken. As you will know there are many talended people offering activities online which has been an absolute treat during these difficult times. The course was run by Paul Sanders of Still and focused on the combination of […]

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Garden Project

By Linda Bembridge | Apr 25, 2020

I hope you are all staying safe and well in these very strange times… While the weather has been good here in Chesham I have been making the most of the warmth by spending plenty of time outside enjoying my own little patch of green space. I am trying to challenge myself and make images […]

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Starting at the Beginning

By Linda Bembridge | Apr 5, 2020

This is my first Blog so please bear with me while I learn lots of new things and then, over time, try and unlearn some of them! I plan to use this blog as a monthly ‘diary’ to write about my thoughts and activities in the photographic space both currently and as a way of […]

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