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I hope you are all staying safe and well in these very strange times…

While the weather has been good here in Chesham I have been making the most of the warmth by spending plenty of time outside enjoying my own little patch of green space. I am trying to challenge myself and make images that I wouldn’t ordinarily create. I am thoroughly enjoying watching my garden change each and every day and am taking time to notice the small things that I would normally walk past.

I am looking to present these images using a different style, going back to single monochrome images, a decision which requires dusting off some processing skills which haven't been used for a while. Again, this is something I am thoroughly enjoying.


It's a real treat having the time and space to watch what's happening each day and to get out and play with the camera trying to find the best way to represent what I am seeing.

Towards the end of last summer I planted a variety of Alliums as I had some spaces which needed filling in the borders. I am really appreciating seeing these change on a daily basis, it's all happening so fast though it's not a surprise that I would ordinarily miss it.

Anyway, these are a couple of Alliums, one about to burst forth and another above which I missed in bud but am now enjoying seeing is properly come to life.

This next image is the remains of a clematis flower from last year. I don't know the variety but it is a little yellow flower which is quite beautiful. The plant itself it a bit of a thug which needs hacking back every couple of years to stop it bringing the fence down. At this time of year there are very few seed heads left as the whisps are so thin and soft they have either been blown or washed away over the winter or the birds have taken them to line their nests.

I think I have missed much of their beauty but it's nice to catch the final few that are left and make a few images.

I plan to continue this series and start thinking about how to create galleries as images develop in to mini-collections.




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