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My approach to photography continues to evolve as I learn more about what inspires me. Using a combination of in-camera techniques focusing on blending and colour shifts I photograph any scene which attracts my attention. I do not limit myself to subject or place arbitrary restrictions around processing techniques. I will happily devote time editing images if I feel I can communicate more clearly. I play with tones, shape and colour if I feel the result will be more exciting.


My goal is to use my camera frame as a means by which to pull the viewer out of a logical and recognisable world into a space which feels more alive and joyful. I am drawn to shapes, colour and rhythm while I strive to connect with the chaos that surrounds us. My work varies from representational to abstract, and I move between the two continually.  Every image I produce is part of my journey to find my creative voice, each has its place and its own story to tell.

The strongest photographic influence I can cite is Valda Bailey. For me, her approach to image making is unique and I am constantly in awe of her endless energy, creativity and the work she produces. Paul Kenny is a more recent influence and I am looking forward to learning more about his processes and techniques over time.

I am proud to have been awarded Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society as well as the award for Excellence by the Federation Internationale De L'Art Photographique.

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Linda Bembridge


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