Time for Fireworks?

By Linda Bembridge | Jul 26, 2022

Hi Everyone, What a month we have had here in the South of England. The weather has been extreme! We’ve had our hottest day ever recorded at just over 40 degrees C! As a nation, we are not geared up for these temperatures and large swathes of the country predictably ground to a halt as […]

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First Solo Exhibition

By Linda Bembridge | Jun 30, 2022

Hi Everyone, I hope we are all safe and well. Where is the year going? We are already past the longest day here in the UK, I hate to say it but it will be Christmas soon… goodness me! Well it’s been an interesting month in so many ways. A trip down to Devon to […]

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Finding My Mojo

By Linda Bembridge | Jun 3, 2022

Hi Everyone, I hope we are all safe and well in this increasingly crazy world. It’s been quite a few weeks since my last blog mainly due to the complete shutdown of my creative brain. Alarming to say the least. I can now see the world through some sort of colourful lens again so it’s time […]

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And Breathe…

By Linda Bembridge | Apr 27, 2022

Hi Everyone, It’s been a while since my last blog, where do the days go! It’s been such a strange time since deciding to go ahead with my book, almost as if life has been put on hold. I can’t tell you how many times I have woken in the depths of night, absolutely terrified […]

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No Going Back

By Linda Bembridge | Mar 25, 2022

Hi Everyone, Such a beautiful day here in Buckinghamshire. The sun has been shining for the last few days and I have been out and about in my short sleeves and sunglasses soaking up some lovely spring warmth. I know the cold weather isn’t quite gone but it’s been lovely to glimpse summer. Happy days […]

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Believe: Making It Happen

By Linda Bembridge | Feb 18, 2022

Hi Everyone, I hope we are all safe and well. Here in Southern England, we are in this midst of some fairly wild storms. So far I have some damage but not too much. Fingers crossed it stays that way. Never having been a winter person, this year the miserable weather seems to have been […]

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By Linda Bembridge | Jan 17, 2022

Hi Everyone, Even though we are getting close to the end of January now (hurrah!!) I am sure it’s not too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  I always find the holiday season tricky to navigate but overall we had fun and certainly made the best of things. We look forward now into […]

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So, how was it for you?

By Linda Bembridge | Dec 23, 2021

Hi Everyone, Just a few days to go to the holidays. It’s hard to know what to make of it all this year. This time last year we knew for certain that the world was on fire. It may be again, or it might not be, so very difficult to know. All we can do […]

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Finding My Organic

By Linda Bembridge | Nov 20, 2021

Hi Everyone, I hope we are all safe and well. Winter is well and truly underway here, most of the trees have shed their leaves and our walks take us through carpets of red, orange and yellow. It’s tempting to kick swathes of colour into the air and enjoy watching those vibrant shapes spiral back […]

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