Time to Re-Engage

Hi Everyone,

It's been such a long time since my last post. When I started this blog I promised myself that I would try and write something interesting at least once a month. It seems that this was a bit of a high bar of late! During September and most of October my mojo deserted me completely, distressing to say the least. What with the book and all the activity in the run-up to my exhibition I think I just ran out of steam. A break was definitely the right thing rather than force anything. I used the time to tidy my studio (again!), work in the garden, enjoy the rest of the summer and spend lots of time with friends. On reflection, time very well spent.

I now feel ready to re-engage and the creative spark is crackling away very brightly again now. I haven't done a huge amount but crucially I feel at the start of the next phase in my photographic journey. It's fun to think about what shape that might take as I move forward.

Looking ahead...

Reflecting back over the last year I have enjoyed all aspects of my photography but a few things stand out.

  • The first is to continue with the use of metal embellishments as part of my work. So far caution has prevailed but maybe it's time to get a bit more experimental. Not having another exhibition means no deadlines or other pressures of any sort so I have time to play.
  • The second aspect which I find absolutely fascinating is working in 3-dimensions. I feel I have only scratched the surface when adding depth into my work so this will be my second area of focus over the coming months. Whether any of these experiments ever see the light of day is another matter... I guess we will see.

It' such a relief to feel excited again!!  I knew that my mojo would return eventually but I had no idea how long it would take. It was a beautiful time of the year to put my feet up and relax but that's not sustainable for any length of time,  it really needs to be full steam ahead now.

Titanium Whirling

Since my Chemical Extravaganza series I haven't processed any new images but I have printed and embellished a few of them. The 3 images within this blog have been embellished using 23.5 Carat Gold, 23 Carat Rose Gold and 19 Carat Caplain Gold. I have also been practicing my Calligraphy!


As I said, it's not a great deal to show for the weeks that have passed but crucially it is something, that's the most important thing. I hope to be far more productive as the weeks and months roll by. Fingers crossed there will be more to share in future blogs. For now though I am up and running again and excited about what lies ahead.

Please let me know what you think if you get a chance, I love reading comments and hearing about what you are all up to.

Take care and thank you again

L  xx

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  • Great to hear your enthusiastic ‘voice’ again Linda. Your embellished images are really lively too so all is looking very exciting!
    Creative, happy days ahead ….we hope
    Zara x

    • Hi Zara,
      Lovely to hear from you and so pleased you like the images… it’s been a while but I am excited to be excited again (if that makes sense!). Hope all is well with you and looking forward to meeting up again before xmas hopefully…

      Take care and thank you again


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