Bling, and an Unexpected Bonus

Hello Everyone, I hope we are all keeping safe and well. We are just going into another mini-lockdown here in the UK which isn't great, particularly as it looks as if it's likely to last for 6 months minimum. I am so thankful that I have my photography to keep me busy and entertained as the nights draw in and winter approaches.

Another busy few weeks with lots going on. Not entirely sure there has been much 'progress' as such but I don't know how to measure that any more. The highlight of the last few weeks was a fantastic course run by the very excellent BaileyChinnery. This was a hands-on course, 'Gesture & Touch' (expertly named G&T for short), which focused on how to take the printed image in its various forms and to elevate that image in ways that renders the result unique and personal. Techniques involved gilding with leaf, gilders creams, verdigris waxes and such like; plus the use of a wide range of artists materials such as Acylics, Water Colour Pencils, Charcoal etc. We also played with some alternative processing techniques such as Cyanotypes and explored the differences between wet and dry processes on different surfaces such as paper, silk and cotton. And this was all in 4 days!!  It was an exhausting and exhilarating week in no small measure. I came home and ran around without any direction for a few days, I wanted to try so many things but I needed to let things settle for a while before tackling anything myself…

Luckily, I had something to distract me…   I am writing this blog from a little corner of my extremely cluttered spare bedroom. I have 2 small spare rooms in my home, one of which was my study until recently, which are separated only by a stud wall so I have decided to clear them both (which took ages) and have the wall knocked down between them so that I can have what I have always wanted, a 'studio'. I can't tell you how excited I am. Clearing these rooms also took my mind off the course and allowed me to gain some direction and clarity, I feel I can move forward now even if I am a bit cramped for a few weeks (hopefully not more!).

Anyway, what have I been up to…  One of my favourite images from the 'Windows from Walls' series is 'Glow or Fade'. I think this image stands up very well on its own (it's making a very nice oil painting too if I ever get that finished) but I thought it could be improved with the addition of a bit of bling. So far I have made 2 versions of this print and, all part of the learning process, I think the second is better than the first…

Here is a photograph of the first printed and embellished image. In terms of the leaf that I used it is a mixture of 23.5 carat Yellow Gold, 22 carat Moon Gold and Platinum.

I am thoroughly pleased with this result and if any of you follow me on Instagram (@lindabembridge) this is the image that I have posted. The more I looked at it though the more I thought I could do better. The squares could be both sharper and more 'weathered' in keeping with the overall theme of the image.


So… how could I get closer to the result I wanted. I didn't think that the use of a stencil (or similar) was going to get me there but I thought that a stamp, or series of stamps to make the shapes might. So, I asked Mr. YouTube how to make a stamp and Mr. Amazon if he could send me the things I needed and, hey presto!, after a few hours with a scalpel I had some stamps which I could then use to create the shapes that I wanted on the print. Here are the stamps at the end of the process. It was a bit messy initially but once I'd worked out a method it was quite fast and extremely satisfying.

I am really pleased with the results and, for me at least, I think the shapes are more in keeping with the overall feel of the image. I used a slightly different mixture of metals as I preferred more of the yellow gold and less of the platinum. This particular print will eventually make it's way to some very close friends and hopefully it will be hanging up somewhere in their home in the not too distant future (lockdown permitting!). Such an honour…

Glow Or Fade 2

And now for a complete bonus…  very excited indeed…

I always have my camera set to Multiple Exposure mode so when I am taking straight shots I have an ME which is being generated in the background which I would typically discard in these situations. As the above Glow or Fade images are photographs of physical prints I needed to take quite a few photos of the print in order to get one which catches the light nicely. In the background a Multiple Exposure image is being created.  Once I had finished photographing the prints I did the usual and transferred the images onto my computer along with the background ME as I never delete in-camera. I worked on the main images and then went through and marked those I no longer needed for deletion. The ME caught my attention and I thought 'that's interesting'…

_LCB0665 1 Finished

After no more than a few minutes of playing around I came up with this image… I am so excited as I feel like this is a complete freebie!!  I now have another task on my list which is to get the 'Glow or Fade' prints back out again and take some more photographs while paying more attention to the ME being created in the background. I feel another series coming on… happy days indeed...

Please let me know what you think, it's lovely to see the comments and I will always reply.

L  xx


  • Really lovely … I love the colours and how great that it has stimulated fresh ideas – I love it when that happens unexpectedly ! Looking forward to seeing more beautiful images.

    • Hi Jane,
      Thank you so much for leaving a comment. Yes, so many fresh ideas and thank goodness for happy accidents…

      L xx

  • The gilding seems to be getting fab results already. How exciting to have a new string to your artistic bow. That ME image is indeed a very nice bonus. I am really looking forward to seeing some of these IRL one day.

    • Thanks Patrick,
      Thank you – I am so excited about this new turn and really hopeful that it can take me in new directions given time and space. And yes, I am sure that one day we will be able to organise something and I can show you the prints, the photo’s really don’t do them justice…
      L xx

  • Your latest ‘accidental ‘ image is really beautiful. I would love to emulate what you have done in the way of process but sadly this is not possible with the technology at my disposal – an Olympus mirrorless. But I can see why you were so excited!

    • Hi Linda,
      Thank you so much for getting in touch and I am really pleased you like the accidental image – I was so excited when it started to reveal itself, that feeling in the pit of your stomach… I don’t know much about what the Olympus can do as I’ve never used one but maybe there are post-process possibilities?
      Thank you again…

      L xx

  • Hi Linda. Once again I love the work you have created and the “happenchance” which came about because you always have MR set on the camera. I will be interested to hear your view in the longer term. I find that the images I create through intent and direction have more longevity than those which come about casually. I am always prepared to learn from the latter, not as an end result but as a direction for the future. I think this is what you see as a way forward for your own work. It’s the difference between a marriage and an affair, if that makes sense. I thought long and hard before posting this because I sense your excitement of the discovery. HUGH

    • Hi Hugh,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. It always interesting to hear view’s on what I post. I am not sure I agree with your view though, I will hop on any tangent if it interests me and not worry too much about whether that time is well spent, everything adds to the melting pot that is our creativity. To continue with your analogy and speaking as someone who is on the other side of a fairly brutal and crippling divorce, a marriage doesn’t always have longevity…
      Take care

      • Points taken Linda, and we share the view that everything can add to creativity. I could see how excited you were about the ME of existing artwork as a way forward but thought this may turn out to be transitory as I felt the original was a stronger piece. I have been through the same excitement as part of my creative process. Apologies if I burst a bubble. Sorry about the divorce. I look forward to the next blog. HUGH

    • You are welcome… I think the possibilities are endless, just need to focus and have fun… nothing else matters…

      L xx

  • Dearest Linda,
    I have been so busy with work, work that I have not been on your blog in ages.
    How lovely to spend some quiet time just absorbing your beautiful images, intentional and fortuitous.
    I simply love your work, it is inspirational and gorgeous.
    I always feel a little more sparkly and fairy like after I have absorbed the beauty.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Karen,
      How lovely to hear from you and thank you so much for your lovely comments. Sorry for not replying sooner, my lovely new room was finished 2 days ago so I have spent loads of lovely time sorting out my new space. I hadn’t realised how much it would affect my desire to do anything creative, it’s been quite crippling… no excuses now though… 🙂
      Soooo looking forward to catching up properly at some point very soon… fingers crossed…
      Take care
      L xx


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