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The Moon Shines Cold
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Make Believe Course -

The Magic of working in Projects

This course is all about working in Projects. When working with individual images we are often striving for perfection (that elusive "WOW" factor) but we forget the power of the story.

For more information and for a description of course content please see here: Make Believe Course

20th September 2023: Fully Booked


Book Available

My first self-published book charting a time in my life where I say goodbye to a challenging, exciting and entirely unpredictable career in the Finance Industry and welcome a new life prioritising all things creative.

For many years my work/life balance was entirely skewed towards my career and while I knew that I needed to regain some equilibrium it proved much harder to achieve than I could ever have imagined.

This book charts that journey through the two years it has taken me to find balance in my life. My imagery during this time reflects this roller-coaster in a more transparent way than I could have ever described using words alone.


Links to previous blogs...

My Housing Project

By Linda Bembridge | April 13, 2024

Hi Everyone, Finally, we have some warm weather here in the South of England. I even sat out in the garden and had some lunch today… yippee!!! We are finally getting there… My building project is fully underway now. The little woof and I have slipped into a completely new routine as we live in […]

Swing the Pendulum

By Linda Bembridge | March 13, 2024

Hi Everyone, Goodness, it’s been ages since I last sent anything out into the ether. So much for being consistent! I hope everyone is well. It’s supposed to be Spring here in the UK, but apart from the occasional Daffodil you wouldn’t notice, nothing but cold and wet… miserable! It’s been such a long time […]

The Dolphin

By Linda Bembridge | August 18, 2023

Hi Everyone, I hope we are all safe and well in this mad, glorious world. Finally, we have some warmth and sunshine here in the South of England. Yippee!!!  I hope it’s sunny where you are. Crazy busy here as ever. The ‘to-do’ list seems to be endless with precious little time carved out for […]


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