After The Sun Shower
The Perfumed Pink
The Living Red Wind
The Infinite Repetition
Spiders Of The Moon
Silver Blue Lake
On Strings So Fine
Into The Blue Sky
Gold That Used To Be
Dance On Silver Leaves
Clear Light Shining Blue
Absurd Precision


Images in this gallery are distressed and I wanted that to be the focus of this writing. Splintering is a form of distress, as well as being a form of what is called 'Literary Nonsense', a delightful concept which runs through and underpins many of the tales we know, love and have often grown up with.

Literary nonsense is sometimes described as 'The balancing of elements that make sense with some that do not, with the effect of subverting language or logical reasoning. Caused by excess of meaning'.

I love that an excess of meaning can lead to things not making sense, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland being the most notable example.

When making images I will always try to imply meaning where I can in order to provide a foundation for the works individually or as a body. I am however very conscious that we will individually decide the mix of elements which make sense with those that do not, as it obviously should be.


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