The White Moon
Under The Rain
The Gaping Spirit
Dancing Shadows
Walking Straight
Troop Of Shadows
The Press of Night
The Endless Stroll
Sinking Fire
Comfort of Shadows


There is a phenomena called retroreflection, or the backscatter effect, which describes the scattering of light in the presence of disorder. A good example is the halo that can be seen around the shadow of a plane on the ground/cloud when viewed from the window of an aircraft. Adding to the fascination, that effect can only be seen by you, it is personal and is entirely dependent on your position relative to the elements at that exact point in time.

In these times having a 'name' for the presence of light which is not only personal and unexpected but is brighter than it should be surrounding darkness which can seem dense and claustrophobic somehow seems appropriate.

I found myself initially drawn to the harsher shadows with bright colours working as contrasting elements. I think they cheered me up and helped me to focus on the play of colour amongst solid dark spaces.

Over time however I noticed a gentler feel to the images, brighter colours were being replaced with more subtle spaces with an energy which felt slightly sparkly.


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