Titanium Whirling
Sodium Twirling
Rubidium Fountain
Aluminium Dancing
Calcium Blinding
Cesium Fizzing
Charcoal Dazzling
Copper Chlorine Screaming
Copper Crackling
Iron Crackle
Lithium Glitters
Magnesium Glimmering
Magnesium Whizzing
Potassium Explodes
Strontium Burning
Barium Chlorine Delight


It seems that fireworks have an interesting history originating by accident in China when bamboo was used as a fuel source. When heated it made a cracking sound.

A few centuries later a crude 'gunpowder' mixture of potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur was poured into hollowed-out bamboo and the first fireworks were born. The variety we have today is largely due to a wide range of chemical mixes and their different reactions when heated. I had a lovely time researching all of this...

I wanted this body of work to be a celebration. To reflect my decision to live in the moment and enjoy the life I am crafting for myself. As time rolls by I remember to be positive about the choices I make, to never have regrets, and to grab any opportunity that comes my way. So far so good… it's certainly freeing…

I realise that there are no good decisions or bad decisions, 'nothing is until perception makes it so'; each is a learning opportunity which enriches over time if we give it a chance. So now I want to celebrate.

I have always been fascinated by the ways that we celebrate, particularly New Year, a symbol of new beginnings. Going back centuries we find the Chinese burning dry bamboo, the cracking sound protecting against monsters. Today we have colossal displays across the globe as the clocks turn midnight.

Over time we have harnessed the power of chemicals in so many aspects and without their ability to burn at different wavelengths we wouldn’t have our many and varied fireworks to mark significant life events.

For me, a firework is one of the few things in life which serve absolutely no purpose other than to bring joy. Hopefully, this panel reflects that sentiment.

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