Whisper Of Freedom
Valiant Wings
Untie The Knots
Tune The Strings
This Frail Dust
The Sweetest Gale
Share A Secret
Secret Strength
Lift Me Away
Hearts Of Stars
Glimmering Wings
Beaming Prism
Beating Belief
Brightness Learned
Dare To Blossom
Forever Feel


This series of images has been created as a result of my giving myself time to play with no pressure or distractions. They will also act as a reminder to believe in me. As creatives, we are often riddled with self-doubt and sometimes struggle to feel confident. I know I do.

I am fascinated by the principles Stoic Philosophy, most of which are highly relevant today. In summary, this ancient philosophy promotes a very simple, but not easy, way of life. Take the obstacles and turn them to your advantage, control what you can and accept what you can't.

I will adopt a word to accompany me through each coming year.

My word will represent a tone or undercurrent to the way I think. In choosing my word it was important to think of the destination, for my word to be a Polestar. 

It will be both my port of call and the wind at my back helping me to get there; it will push and pull at the same time. 

My word for 2022 is 'BELIEVE'. 

All images are available as signed, Limited Edition Digital Prints. See here for more information.

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