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The Winning Argument
The Other Side
Simple Binary
The Contrary View
Round and Round
Invisible Algorithm
Confirmation Bias


This series of works uses the bubble as a symbol for being stuck in a place and how we can choose, by our own actions, to stay there or to burst our bubbles and enjoy a wider perspective.

Bursting the bubble isn't always easy…  A very small amount of research highlights 2 types of bubble clearly identifiable in current society.

Epistemic Bubbles: Insiders aren't exposed to people from the opposite side. A good example of this might be a social media feed. These bubbles are considered to be relatively easy to pop through exposure if the opportunity arises.

Echo Chambers: Insiders come to distrust everyone on the outside. These are thought to be far more problematic as participants will typically be entrenched and resistant to outside views. Trust will be placed entirely within the echo chamber, breaking someone out means repairing broken trust which is much harder than bursting a bubble.


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