Print Sales

I print all my images myself archivally using a range of Fine Art Papers selected to suit the individual image. All images are available in Signed, Limited Editions until editions sell out.

I also have a selection of images which are available as Variable Editions. These images are printed and individually embellished with artist materials such as Metallic Paints or Precious Metal Leaf. The addition of embellishments renders the resulting image unique within the series. Please contact the Obsidian Art Gallery for further information relating to Variable Editions.


I give lectures on my photography if that is of interest. My content focuses on the different styles of my photography over time, why each is important and how each fits into the 'journey'. I also talk about techniques and what works for me as well as what doesn't (and why!). Presentation content is primarily digital supported by various printed materials to hand at the time. As we move forward through time so does the content of my talk so no two presentations will be the same, This keeps it interesting for me and hopefully for anyone kind enough to set aside a couple of hours to listen.

I am based in South Buckinghamshire so please get in touch if interested.

Feel free to contact me for further information on the services listed above or any anything else that may be of interest. I respond to everything but can get quite busy at times, so please bear with me.

Send enquiries to